Cast and Crew

Bryan Lewis Saunders (Lead Actor, Co-writer)

Born February 6th 1969, Washington D.C. Saunders initially drew acclaim for a series of self-portraits he made titled, “Under the Influence” (of drugs). Saunders is probably best known for his daily self-portrait project, which began on March 30th, 1995. The project has amassed over one hundred volumes of uncensored images of love, loss, pleasure, and pain. Saunders furthered his investigation into what it means to be human by classically conditioning himself to record his dreams in his sleep. He calls the transcriptions of this dialog the “Stream of Unconsciousness (narrative mode)”. Some of this material can be heard on the soundtrack of “Trial Run”.

In 2014, Saunders was the subject of two documentaries, respectively titled “Art of Darkness” and “Self Portrait Portrait”. In addition to his spoken word “Stand-Up Tragedy” performance work and drawings under the influence, he has been interviewed by the Huffington Post, The Guardian, Wired, and DisInfo among others, and exhibited internationally at Catalyst Projects, D.C., MIKA Gallery, Tel Aviv, and Mediamatic, Amsterdam.

Bryan Lewis Saunders’ Website

Jasmin St. Claire (Actress)

Jasmin St. Claire shot to fame as “America’s Most Controversial Sex Symbol” after appearing in the top-selling adult films of the late 1990s. She created an outlaw rock star image that at times scandalized the adult industry. Her acerbic humor and willingness to mock her own porn stardom made her one of the highest rated guests on Howard Stern’s radio show and related broadcasts for E! Entertainment. St. Claire’s first mainstream appearances were in significant comic roles in Communication Breakdown and in National Lampoon Dorm Daze 2. More recently, while studying in Bill O’Leary’s Acting Workshop, St. Claire has turned to dramatic roles in thrillers like Angel of Reckoning and the talked about sci-fi drama Trial Run. St. Claire is often cast in ethnically ambiguous roles, or as Italian or Middle Eastern, but she identifies as a Latina due to her mixed Northern European and Brazilian ancestry.

Jasmin St. Claire’s IMDB

Lawrence Klein (Director, Producer, Editor, Writer)

Lawrence Klein is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Trial Run is his first foray into the festival circuit after cutting his teeth on many high profile editing assignments. Previously, he has made a wide variety of shorts and music videos, including clips for the bands Captain Ahab and Clipping. His video “Man-Smash” won the second-best Kink Award at Seattle’s 2012 HUMP! Film Festival.

Lawrence Klein’s Website

Jackson Quinn (Co-writer)

Reverend Jackson Quinn is a writer, illustrator, filmmaker, and advertising wizard. When not running tinfoil through the fax machine or sticking light bulbs in the microwave, Quinn can be found composing heartbreakingly elegant prose to impress his legion of fans or drafting masterful, target-precise copy to satisfy his international clients. He is the creator of the graphic novels WEATHERGIRL & CAMERA TWO (2013) and NEWTON (2015).

Jackson Quinn’s Website

Warren Upson (Producer)

Warren began working regularly on film and television sets in 2010. He has served as a second assistant director on 7 low budget feature films, and has spent many hours on the sets of television dramas where he’s always watching, learning, and keeping crew members from talking while the camera rolls.

Warren Upson’s IMDB

Jonathan Snipes (Composer, Sound Designer)

Jonathan Snipes is a composer and sound designer for Film and Theater living in Los Angeles. He occasionally teaches sound design in the theater department at UCLA, and is a member of the rap group clipping.

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